Objective: Clinical Decision Support Including Interaction Checking

Tip: The information in this article is used for Meaningful Use Stage 2 (2018 and prior years). The information should not be used for Promoting Interoperability (formerly MU Stage 3, attestation years 2019 and after). If you need information for Promoting Interoperability, select from the links below.

What are the Requirements?

  • Report 5 Clinical Decision Support Rules (Interventions) Plus Drug-Drug, Drug-Allergy Interaction Checking

CMS will not issue additional guidance on the selection of appropriate clinical decision support rules for Meaningful Use. This determination is best left to the EP taking into account their workflow, patient population, and quality improvement efforts.

Goals of CDS’s

  • Gather and present clinical and other relevant data needed for clinical decision making;
  • Detect potential safety and quality problems and help prevent them;
  • Foster the greater use of evidence-based medicine principles and guidelines;
  • Safeguard against inappropriate utilization of services, medications, and supplies;
  • Organize, optimize and help operationalize the details of a plan of care;

How to Accomplish in OP

  • Care Plans Templates:
  •  Driven by SNOMED Code in Problem List
  •  Align four of five CDS with CQM's you will be reporting:
  • Base a CDS on one of the Clinical Quality Measures you are reporting such as Asthma
  • Build a Care Plan in OP to create alerts for Asthma patients

Interaction Checking

  • Attest to Only: (No threshold %)
  • Drug/Drug
  • Drug/Allergy
  • Must be available and enabled during reporting period

Note: The above is the setting for OP14. If you have allowed providers to change the preference, each provider will need to open the Medication Finder and check the boxes for Med/Med and Med/Allergy and save the Preference. Objectives and Measures that are attest require a practice to show evidence of implementation. It is suggested for each attestation year you keep a Book of Evidence. You need to screen capture the information including the date within the year reporting.