Objective: Patient Electronic Access (VDT)

Tip: The information in this article is used for Meaningful Use Stage 2 (2018 and prior years). The information should not be used for Promoting Interoperability (formerly MU Stage 3, attestation years 2019 and after). If you need information for Promoting Interoperability, select from the links below.

Provide Timely Online Access to Health Information and VDT (View, Download or Transmit)

  • >50% of all patients seen are provided online access to health information
  • Patient Portal required
  • Portal account created in OP
  • Information made available timely
  • 2016 One Patient (per provider) must have Viewed, Downloaded or Transmitted information on the Portal (to prove it works)
  • 2017  >5% of patients seen during the reporting period must have Viewed, Downloaded or Transmitted information from the Portal.

Note: The provider listed on the Patient Register (PCP) is the provider who gets credit for this measure. It is not calculated by the provider who saw the patient.

Information that Must be Made Available Online (Portal)

  • Patient name
  • Provider's name and office contact information
  • Current and past problem list
  • Procedures
  • Laboratory test results
  • Current medication list and medication history
  • Current medication allergy list and medication allergy history
  • Vital signs (height, weight, blood pressure, BMI, growth charts)
  • Smoking status
  • Care Plan goals and Instruction
  • Demographics