Objective: Secure Messaging

Tip: The information in this article is used for Meaningful Use Stage 2 (2018 and prior years). The information should not be used for Promoting Interoperability (formerly MU Stage 3, attestation years 2019 and after). If you need information for Promoting Interoperability, select from the links below.

Secure Messaging

  • Functionally is fully enabled.
  • In 2017 >5% of patients seen during the reporting period - message received from Portal.
  • Credit is given to the Primary Care Provider (PCP) listed on the Register based on that patient having sent or received a secure message with anyone in the Eligible Provider's Practice. If an Eligible Provider sends a message to a patient for whom they are not listed as the PCP, they will not receive credit for that message.

* Provider on the Patient Register (PCP) gets credit for the message

Note: You must have the portal implemented at your practice to attest functionality is fully enabled.