AAP Guidance for Social Determinants Screening

Version 21.3

AAP Guidance for Social Determinants Screening

The AAP recommends that practices integrate screening for food insecurity and health literacy into appropriate well visits. 

OP has added sample ROS questions that begin the conversation with patients and parents. To add these questions to selected age well check templates: 

  1. From Clinical > Well Visit Templates, highlight the template you wish to edit, then click the Edit button.
  2. Click the Detailed ROS button.
  3. Look for the Social Determiannts of Health group (you may have to check the Show all groups checkbox).
  4. For each question you want to add to your template, click the N/A box until it shows Pert (yellow background).
  5. Click the green check mark icon at the top to save. 
  6. Repeat for any other template you’d like to update.
Version 14.10

AAP Guidance for Well Visit Screening

The AAP recommends that practices screen for two additional issues during Well Visits:

Food Insecurity


Health Literacy


OP has added these two issues to the Well Visit ROS under a new category labeled Social Determinants of Health. In the screen capture above, the first two questions pertain to Food Insecurity and the third question pertains to Health Literacy.

Note: Practices can optionally add these screening topics to Well Visit templates.