About - License Agreement

Version 14.8

About the License Agreement

Path: Help Menu > About (Keyboard Shortcut keys: [Alt][H][A])

The License Agreement window displays information such as your OP Version and any versions of third party software. You can update your version of OP or reset the OP build number from this window.

About - License Agreement Map

System InformationThe current OP system information is displayed in the System Info tab. Information such as the build number, client ID, medical DB path, local data path, document path, workstation designation, available memory, and more can be found here.
WebsiteThe website tab provides links to the Online Help and Office Practicum website. Press the "Update" button on this tab when you need to perform an update to OP.
Reset Build #Press the "Reset Build #" button when you want to decrement the workstation's last upgrade version number (which is stored in the opsetup.ini file). This button will force the workstation to download the most recent OP files from the server.