Accounts Receivable Management


Accounts Receivable Navigation
In this article, you will learn how to navigate to the Accounts Receivable for your practice in order to work it efficiently.
Working A/R
In order to maintain a financially healthy practice, you will want to make sure that your outstanding Insurance and Patient balances are being worked regularly.
The Different Claim Stages
Here are the different Claims+AR Stages and their meanings. By working through these stages, users will know the current stages of all claims.
Correcting Claims
This article is intended to instruct you on how to edit an archived claim.
Patient Statements Setup
Office Practicum allows practices to set statements parameters based on their practice's preferences.
Fields You Can Customize
This page introduces the fields that you can customize on patient statements.
How to Customize Your Statements
Follow these steps to customize your statements.
Printing from the Disclosures Tab for Proof of Timely Filing
Version 14.19 To Print from the Disclosures tab for Proof of Timely Filing: Select the Acct  button in the smart toolbar to open the Patient Account window. Search for and select your patient. Click the Disclosures  tab. Select t...
Bulk Printing of Statements from the Tracking Tab in the Schedule and Practice Workflow Window
Office Practicum has enhanced the software by adding the Print Statements button to the Tracking window.
Creating Batch Statements
When an office is ready to send patient statements in bulk batches, they will use the Statement Queue in the Billing Center.
Printing Batch Statements
When the user is in the statement Queue, the user will see all statements generated to be printed in-house. To print statements, follow these steps.
Identifying When (or If) a Statement was Printed or Sent for an Outstanding Balance
To verify that a patient's statement was received, follow these steps.
Viewing Previously Sent Statements/Statement Files
Version 14.19 Overview Statements sent for individual patients can be viewed from their account. Click here   for steps on viewing this information. Additionally, you can also view statements sent in: The Statement Queue of the Billin...
Change Insurance on Individual Transactions (Daysheeted Claims)
At times, there will be instances when a claim goes out the door to the wrong insurance, and needs to be resent to the most accurate and up to date insurance for a patient.
Void a Claim
Version 14.19 Clinical, Billing, or Practice Management tab > Patient Chart button > Claims  Overview Claims that are archived (or included on a Daysheet) may be voided from the Claims  tab in the Patient Chart . If a claim ...