Accounts Receivable Management


Process Claim Acknowledgements
If your practice uses a supported clearinghouse, Claim Acknowledgment files can be processed into OP. These files provide the most up to date claim status as supplied by the clearinghouse and includes rejections.
Accounts Receivable Navigation
In this article, you will learn how to navigate to the Accounts Receivable for your practice in order to work it efficiently.
The Different Claim Stages
Here are the different Claims+AR Stages and their meanings. By working through these stages, users will know the current stages of all claims.
Working A/R
In order to maintain a financially healthy practice, you will want to make sure that your outstanding Insurance and Patient balances are being worked regularly.
Make a Claim Note
Claim notes can be made on claims in the Patient Chart, the Post Bulk Payment window, and the Claims (A/R) tab of the Billing Center.
Create a Billing Task
Billing tasks are created so that issues requiring follow-up are not overlooked. While any task can be created from the Tasks section of the Patient Chart or the Tasks window, specific billing-related tasks are most easily created from the billing windows in OP.
Correcting Claims
This article is intended to instruct you on how to edit an archived claim.
Change Insurance on Individual Transactions (Daysheeted Claims)
If a daysheeted claim was sent to an incorrect payer, the insurance on the claim can easily be changed for submission to the correct payer.
Send Claims Back to the Transmittal Queue
During your usual billing activities, you may find it necessary to send a claim or a number of claims back out to the insurance. In order to send the claim(s) electronically, you will first need to send the claim(s) to the transmit queue
Void a Claim
Version 14.19 Clinical, Billing, or Practice Management tab > Patient Chart button > Claims  Overview Claims that are archived (or included on a Daysheet) may be voided from the Claims  tab in the Patient Chart . If a claim ...
Printing from the Disclosures Tab for Proof of Timely Filing
Version 14.19 To Print from the Disclosures tab for Proof of Timely Filing: Select the Acct  button in the smart toolbar to open the Patient Account window. Search for and select your patient. Click the Disclosures  tab. Select t...
Patient Statement Setup
Patient Statement setup is done at the global level, meaning the settings will apply whenever batch statements are run. As with all Global Preferences, changes may only be made by an administrator.
Print a Statement from the Patient Chart
A patient or insurance statement can be printed at any time from the patient chart. Patient statements can also be sent to the Statement Queue from the patient chart.
Pull a Patient Credit Report
It is recommended to pull a Patient Credit Report and apply available patient credits to balances prior to sending statements.
Apply Patient Credits
When patient payments are collected, they are entered into OP as credits.To apply an unallocated patient credit to a balance, you will first want to review the patient's credits in the patient chart.
Transfer Credits Between Siblings
Family credits can easily be transferred among siblings that are financially linked using the transfer method of Family Transfer.
Print Statements for Patients on the Schedule
In an effort to collect previous patient balances at the time a patient is seen, practices may choose to print statements according to who is on the schedule for a specific day.
Create Batch Statements
When an office is ready to send patient statements in bulk batches, they will use the Statement Queue in the Billing Center.
Print or Send Statement Files from the Statement Queue
Statements that are in the Statement Queue can easily be printed in-house or sent to your clearinghouse for printing. To maintain a healthy patient A/R, it is recommended to send patient statements on a regular basis.
Identify When (or If) a Statement was Printed or Sent
The Disclosures section of the patient chart displays tracking for all claims and statements sent for the patient. All patient statements that were sent are listed with Patient in the Recipient column.
Fields You Can Customize
This page introduces the fields that you can customize on patient statements.
Customizing Your Statements
Follow these steps to customize your statements.
Viewing Previously Sent Statements/Statement Files
Version 14.19 Overview Statements sent for individual patients can be viewed from their account. Click here   for steps on viewing this information. Additionally, you can also view statements sent in: The Statement Queue of the Billin...