Acquisition Panel

Version 14.10

When the end user clicks the New Document button or clicks the Edit button in the Document Controls toolbar while viewing an existing document, the Manage Documents window changes the Document List to the Acquisition panel. The Acquisition panel is comprised of two sections: the Acquire Images & Documents section at the top, and the Sketch panel at the bottom.

Acquire Images & Documents

The Acquire Images & Documents section includes the following:

  • Scan button. This button allows the end user to Input an image directly from a scanner.
  • Card Scan: This button (light background) allows the end user to input an image directly from a card scanner.
  • Import Images from Files button. This button allows the end user to input single or multiple pages in JPEG, TIF, or BMP format.
  • Input Fax: This button allows the end user to input faxes (received or sent). 
  • Acquire from Camera. This button allows the end user to acquire images from a camera.
  • Import PDF, CDA, or DICOM Documents button: This button allows the end user to import PDF and CDA files. Clicking the dropdown arrow displays a list of import options (Import PDF, Import CDA, and Import Dicom).
  • Twain options: These include the Use and Hide Radio buttons.

Sketch Panel

The Sketch panel includes the following buttons:

  • Undo Last Sketch Operation
  • Cut Image to Clipboard
  • Copy Page to Clipboard
  • Paste Image from Clipboard
  • Delete Page
  • Copy from Sketch Folder to Document: Clicking this button allows the end user to drag-and-drop pages without having to use the Copy button. This is especially helpful when copying a range of pages.
  • Copy from Document to Sketch Folder
  • Delete all Images from the Sketch Folder
  • Refresh Sketch Folder
  • Number of Viewable Columns in Sketch Thumbnail
  • Configure Scanners on this Workstation: Clicking this button displays the following options:
  • Set up Predefined Devices.
  • Card Scanner Device: Card Scanner: Scan Again; Auto-convert to Black/White; Reduce Size (Original size 100%; Reduce Size to 33%; Reduce Size to 50%; Reduce Size to 66%).
  • Scan Destination: Scan to Sketch Folder; Scan to Image.
  • Advanced: Reset TWAIN.

The bottom part of the Sketch panel displays the image after the end user has acquired it. The image remains in Edit mode until the end user saves the document.