Active vs Inactive Lots

Version 14.10

An Active lot in Office Practicum is the lot entry in the inventory that your practice is currently administering to patients. Any additional vaccine stock that you are currently not administering can be added into OP as an Inactive lot. By adding an Inactive lot into Office Practicum, you are able to make only one choice of vaccines available for documentation purposes to in turn reduce data entry mistakes.

To Make a New Lot Entry Inactive

  1. Follow the instructions for adding a new lot into the vaccine inventory.
  2. Once you are down to the area to choose your availability for the lot, change it to "Inactive".
  3. Click the  button.

Viewing Inactive Lots

After saving your new lot as inactive you will be able to locate the lot by changing the availability at the top of the inventory:

To Make an Inactive Lot Active

  1. Locate the lot you would like to make active and click on it once to highlight it. 
  2. Click .
  3. Change the availability to Active.
  4. Click the  button.