Add a Compound Medication


There is sometimes a need to send a prescription to the Pharmacy that includes instructions for the Pharmacist to compound a medication using a combination of known individual medications, both prescription and/or OTC. In the example below, we'll use a Test Patient to add "Magic Mouthwash" to the Favorites List.

  1. Navigate to Patient Chart and search for and select a Test Patient.
  2. Click Medications, then click the New button.
  3. In the Drug field, begin typing the name of the largest component, and click the ellipsis button to open the Medication Finder window.
  4. In the Medication Finder window, click the Master List tab.
  5. (Optional) If you did not type a name in the Drug field, type the name of the largest component of the compound medication into the Search field.
  6. (Optional) Use the filter button in the Form column to filter down the list, if needed.

  1. For the SIG, select the Freeform radio button.
  2. Write the details to include how much of the selected medication as well as a text description of both what/how much to add and instructions for the patient.

  1. Click the Add to Favorites button. The Medication Favorite Information window is displayed.
  2. In the Category field, enter a new Category or use the drop-down to select from the list.
  3. Name the medication in the Prescription Favorite Title field. The title is used when searching for a medication, so make this a user-friendly name.

  1. Click the OK button.
  2. Click the Cancel button to close the Prescription window.