Add a Link

Version 14.10
Path: Activities > Internet/PDF Resources
Note:  These links will not be available to attach to visit Templates. They are for the purposes of quick access only.

How to Add a Link

You can copy and paste the URL of an online resource into your Web Directory. This allows you to quickly and easily access the page through Office Practicum at any time. To enter a link in the Web Directory, from your toolbar in Office Practicum, navigate to Activities/Internet PDF Resources and follow these steps:

  1. In your web browser, highlight the URL address with your cursor, then right-click on the address and select Copy from the popup dropdown menu. 
  2. Once you have copied the address, go to OP and click on the Web Links tab of the Links window. 
  3. Click the plus sign button in the tool bar at the top of the window. A new web address entry will open. 
  4. Right-click in the Web Site Address field, and select Paste from the pop-up drop-down menu. The URL will appear in the field. 
  5. Select a Category from the dropdown, or simply type the name of a new Category in the blank field.