Add a Miscellaneous CPT, eg. Interest, for the Purpose of Posting a Payment

Version 14.10
Path: Utilities Menu > Manage Codes > Procedure (CPT) Codes (Keyboard Shortcut keys: [Alt][U][C][C])


Interest payments can be added into a patient account by entering a charge for the interest amount and then applying the interest payment. You will need to add an interest CPT to the main CPT table, if one does not already exist. Interest payments received through an ERA, however, can be posted to a generic account setup by OP. For posting interest payments received via an ERA, refer to 'How do I process e-Bill adjudications for interest payments?'

Add a CPT for Interest Charges

  1. Open the CPT code table.
  2. Type "Interest" in the CPT search field, choose Complete List and click Search.
  3. If no CPT is identified, click the Edit button .
  4. Click on the Green Plus sign to add a new CPT.
  5. Assign a code to this CPT.
  6. Enter "Interest Payment" in both the short and long description fields for this CPT.
  7. Click the dropdown arrow next to the Category field and select an existing category from the dropdown list.
  8. In the Sort# within Category field, be sure to select a sort number for this CPT so that it appears on the Add/Edit Charges form of the Patient's Account.

CPT Code Table

  1. Click the Green Check button to save. 

To enter an interest charge and corresponding payment on a patient's account:

  1. From the Patient's Account form, enter the interest charge as you would bill any other cpt.
Note: You can use V68.9 as the diagnosis code. In the unit charge line of the CPT, enter the amount of the insurance payment you are attempting to apply to the account.
  1. Once the claim is created, pay the claim as you would any other claim.
Note: To avoid having this "interest" claim sent to the payer, delete this claim from the transmittal queue prior to executing your electronic claims processing.

Note: This "concept" of adding miscellaneous charges into OP can be used for disability payments or any other office specific payment being received with the intent of capturing the revenue in OP.