Add Additional Lab Facilities

Version 14.8
Utilities > Manage Clinical Features > Diagnostic Test Setup

Entering a New Lab Facility

  1. Click on the first tab, Lab Facility Names. A list of the labs and radiology facilities will be displayed.
  2. Click on the Green Plus button  in the tool bar. A new row will appear in the grid.
  1. Enter the name of the lab in the Facility Name field.
  2. Root Folder will be filled out if there will be a lab results interface.
  3. Orders Type defaults to Paper.
  4. Requisition information defaults as shown above.
  5. Notes are for internal use by your practice.
  6. Leave Archived unchecked. It will not show if checked.
  7. Leave Restricted unchecked.
  8. Lab ID will fill in automatically.
  9. Check Default for Type if this new facility will be the preferred choice for Send Out requisitions of this facility type (i.e., Lab, Radiology).
  10. Leave Parent Lab blank.
  11. Click the Green Check button to Save.
If this facility will have a lab interface there MUST be a value in the *Root Folder* field for this facility to appear in the Lab Links tab in the Provider directory. Consult with OP if you do not know the value for this field.