Add, Edit, Delete or Archive VIS Sheets

Version 14.8
Utilities > Manage Codes > Vaccine Body Sides/Routes/VIS ([Alt][U][C][B])


In this article, you will be instructed on how to add, edit or delete VIS (Vaccine Information Statement) sheets associated to vaccine administration.

Add a VIS Sheet

  1. Click the Vaccine Information Sheets tab. 

  1. Click the Insert Record button.
  2. Enter a description of the VIS sheet.

  1. Enter the publish date. 

  1. Enter a sort number. This number will indicate where the VIS sheet date falls on the list of VIS dates. 

  1. Click the Post Edit button .
You may want to add VIS sheets for combination vaccines. For example, to add a VIS sheet entry for DTaP+IPV:
  1. Enter the description: DTap (expiration date), IPV (expiration date). For example, DTaP (2/15/2017), IPV (4/12/2017).
  2. Enter the publish date: use the latest date. In this example, you would use 4/12/2017.
  3. Enter a Sort number.
  4. Click the Post Edit button.
Note: Keep in mind that when adding a combination VIS sheet entry, you will still need to print each VIS sheet individually.

Note: After adding VIS sheets into OP 14, you will need to be sure to add the sheet to the Vaccine Product table. To do so:
  1. Navigate to Utilities > Manage Codes > Vaccine Products.
  2. Locate the Vaccine that the VIS sheet should be attached to.
  3. Click in the Default VIS field.
  4. Select the appropriate sheet from the dropdown menu.

Edit a VIS sheet

  1. Click the VIS sheet to edit.
  2. Click the Edit record button .
  3. Edit the information.
  4. Click the Post Edit button.

Delete a VIS sheet

  1. Click the VIS sheet to delete.
  2. Click the Delete record button .

Deleting VIS sheets should be done when a sheet is entered in error. If a VIS sheet was associated to a vaccine, follow the directions in the next section to archive the VIS sheet.

Archive a VIS sheet

  1. Locate the VIS sheet date that needs to be archived.
  2. Click the Edit record button.
  3. Click the checkbox in the Archive column.

  1. Click the Post Edit button.

The CDC website has all of the most updated VIS sheets available. While on the CDC website you are able to sign up for email alerts so you are notified each time a VIS is updated.