Adding an Implantable Device

Version 14.19

About Add Implantable Device

Path: Clinical, Practice Management or Billing tab > Patient Chart button > Implantable Device > New button

The Add Implantable Device window allows the search for Universal Device Identifier and displays the returned information in read-only format once the search is conducted. It also allows users to enter the location and date of the implant.

Add Implantable Device

Universal Device IdentifierThe text-string identifier from the device packaging or coordination of care documentation entered exactly to search for the device in the Global Unique Device Identifier Database (GUDID).
2Device InformationInformation (read-only) for the implantable device displays in the body of the window after searching a valid and complete Universal Device Identifier.
3Location and Date of Implant fieldsThese fields should be completed by the user to display the body location of the device and the date of implant.
4Function buttonsSave:  Saves the device record and displays it in the Implantable Devices List.
Cancel: Closes the window and does not save the record.