Add or Edit Current Medications

Version 14.8


In this section, you will view the steps needed to verify the current medication list for the patient, and add any medications not listed in Office Practicum.

Note:  Please check with your supervisor to see if you will be adding the medications to this list or just verifying current medications the patient is taking.

Reviewing Medications

  1. Click on the Med Review tab.
  2. Review/Compare the Medications the patient is taking against the list in Office Practicum.

Note: The Current/Chronic medication will have a "Y' for Yes under the "Chronic" column OR be an acute medicine that has not reached its end date yet.
  • In the below example, Zyrtec is indicated as a chronic medication.

Note:  Clicking on the Paperclip button will add this medication to today's note as well as add a sentence that the Medication List was reviewed today.
  1. Click on the Paperclip button to add the chronic/current medication to today's note. This will also make a notation that this section was reviewed.
  • In the example below, clicking on the "paperclip" puts into the white text box the medication name (Zyrtec), dose, and a note that this section was reviewed. The information in the white text box will be part of the note for today.

The image below indicates that that patient is currently on medication.

Note:  If the patient is not currently taking any medications, simply click on the green checkmark.
  • In the example below, the patient has verified that he is not taking any current medications. Also, there are no medications listed as Chronic or Current (Under the "Chronic" column, there is a "N" for No).

The image below indicates that the patient is currently not taking any medication.

Adding a Medication to the List for Future Reference

Note:  If the patient is currently taking or has taken medication not on the list, simply add it as a reference medication.
  1. Click on the green plus button  to open the Prescription Writer window.

  1. Verify Med - reference only displays in the Purpose box.
  • If not, then click on dropdown and choose Med - reference only

  1. Type in the first couple of letters of the name of the medication.
  2. Click on the Elipsis button or simply click Enter on your keyboard
  • The "Medication Finder" window displays. 

  1. Select the medication by double-clicking on the line or clicking OK at the bottom of the window.

Note: If the medication you wanted did not appear on the list, search again by writing the name in the search field (in the above example, the search box is highlighted in a red box).

  1. Check or write in the "Sig" fields the dosage information.
  2. If this is an ongoing medication, then remove the dates from the Rx end date.
  3. If this is an ongoing medication, then mark the box "Include in chronic medication list."
  4. Click the Save button.