Add Staff/Resources to a Calendar View

Version 14.19


In order to see providers, staff, or rooms/resources listed on the calendar for scheduling, they must be added in the Schedule Properties for Highlighted Calendar window. The steps below instruct users on how to set up your Calendar views so that the necessary columns are displayed.

Add Staff/Resources to Calendar View

  1. In the Clinical, Practice Management, or Billing tab, click the Schedule button.
  2. Select the Calendar View tab for which you will add staff or resources.
  3. Ensure that the Calendar radio button is selected so that you are viewing the Calendar Schedule window.
  4. Click the Schedule Properties button. The Schedule Properties for Highlighted Calendar window opens to the Staff/Resources tab indicating the Calendar tab and Resource selection. 

  1. Select from the following options:
  • Staff View: to add staff members or provider to the calendar by name.
  • Room View: to add rooms or resources to the calendar as established in the Rooms/Resources tab of Appointment Types and Zones window.
  1. From the Staff/rooms in specified location section of the window, select a staff member or resource that should be added to the calendar view.

Note: If the staff member has recently been added to the Staff/Provider directory they may not be visible in the Staff/rooms in specified location panel, you must logout of OP and log back in.

  1. Drag that selection and drop it in the Staff/rooms on selected calendar section of the window. Repeat this process for all staff/resources that should be added to the calendar view.
  • To move all staff/resources to the selected calendar, click the All Arrow button located between the two sections of the window.

Note: Once a staff/resource has been moved to the selected calendar, users may use the Move Up, Move Down, Remove, or Remove All buttons to customize how the names are displayed on the calendar. The listing of staff/resources appear from left to right in the order they are listed in the window.

  1. Click OK to save the properties.