Add or Modify VIS Sheet: Non-Barcode


Vaccine Information Sheets (VIS) supplied by the CDC are imported into OP as part of routine updates to Office Practicum.  However, if your practice needs to modify or add a VIS before OP does, you may follow the instructions below:

Modify or Inactivate an Existing VIS

  1. Navigate to Clinical tab > More (Reference Data) > Immunization Codes.
  2. Click the Vaccine Information Sheets tab.
  3. The below fields may be changed from the Vaccine Information Sheets tab:
  • Publish Date: Click the drop-down and select a date or enter a date in the field.
  • Archive: Click the checkbox in this column if the VIS Sheet is no longer used. 

4.  If you'd like to change the sort order of how VIS display, or need to update a barcode, see Add a VIS below.

Add a VIS

  1. Navigate to Practice Management tab > Coded Values.  The Code Tables displays.
  2. Select VIS name/version. The VIS list displays in the bottom panel.

  1. Click the Add button to add a new record.
  2. Enter the description of the VIS Sheet in the Description field.  This must be unique across all other Descriptions in the table, irrespective of whether that VIS is still Active or Archived.  Let's say you want to update Polio VIS.  Your new VIS must be labeled something other than Polio VIS (perhaps "Polio VIS 2024"), or you can rename your old/deprecated Polio VIS something like "Polio VIS (deprecated 2024)".
  3. Guidelines / Other Data has been traditionally used for the VIS barcode provided by the CDC.  It is OK to leave this blank, or you may key in the CDC-assigned barcode (if it exists).  Like Description, the Guidelines / Other Data field must also be unique.  Note:  OP does not permit barcode scanning of VIS at this time.
  4. Enter the publication date in the Reference/Pub Date field.
  5. Enter a sort number for where this element will display in the list of choices.
  6. Note that you can only Guidelines/Other Data has traditionally been used for CDC barcode digits, but you can also use it for any unique identifier.  
  7. Click the Save button.