Version 14.8

About Addenda

Path: Smart Toolbar > Chart button > Encounters tab 

After a note has been finalized, open the finalized note and click the Addenda tab. An addendum can be created, edited, and viewed in the Addenda tab.

Addenda Map





New Addendum button

The New Addendum button creates an addendum for the selected finalized Encounter note. Visibility, requested by, request date, changed by, and status date are entered in the addendum fields. Enter your note in the text field.


Edit button

The Edit button enables editing for a selected addendum.


Phrase Construction button

The Phrase Construction button accesses the Phrase Construction window to find a phrase for the description.


Order Worksheet button

The Order Worksheet button opens the Order Worksheet task window. Orders are created and removed in this window.


Save button

The Save button saves the changes to the addendum.


Cancel button

The Cancel button stops any changes being made to the addendum.

Note:  If a patient wishes to add additional information or challenge an encounter note, you can enter this information in an addendum and distinguish it as a patient annotation. To do so, type in "Patient is source of note content" in the Requested by field. Challenges to other aspects of the medical record can be accommodated through scanned documents that are categorized as such. (Meets specific CCHIT requirement(s)).