Adding an Image to a Report

Add an Image to a Report in OP Reports

  1. Navigate to OP Reports by Tools > OP Reports
  2. Enter your User Name and Password and click the Log In button.
  3. Locate the report you will add an image, right click and select Design.
  4. Click the Image icon on the Toolbar and click into the report to place the image box.

  1. Right-click on the image box and select Picture 
  2. Locate the image file on your computer and select.

Note: The image selected may not fit into the image box. Use the handles on the image to resize.

  1. Confirm the image is selected and click DirectDraw, MaintainAspectRatio and Stretch checkboxes.

  1. Click the Preview tab to view the image is in the position you want it on the report.
  2. Save the report by clicking File and selecting Save.