Adding and Editing Actions

Version 14.8
Utilities > Manage Clinical Features > Care Plans

Actions are added or suppressed from your patient's Care Plan once all Triggers are met. All reminders will appear on that chart when a patient is enrolled in a plan. In this section, you will find the steps to make changes to the actions within your existing Care Plans.


  1. Open the Manage Care Plans window.
  2. Highlight Care Plan to update Actions.
  3. From the Actions section, there is an option to add, edit, delete, save changes, cancel changes, and refresh the grid.

  1. Use the drop down to update the Item Name. The Item Name is generated from the Care Plan Items tab.
  2. Use the drop down  to choose Action Type: Add or Suppress.
Add: Includes the item in their Care Plan Suppress: Excludes the item from their Care Plan if it is normally included by another enrolled plan.
  1. Click the check mark to save changes.