Adding Handouts Saved on Computer

Version 14.8
Note:  If you have a Patient Portal and will be ordering handouts/weblinks/PDF's for your patients to view online, you MUST follow the steps found in Adding Resources using the OP Patient Portal. Adding handouts using the steps listed below will not make it possible for your patients to view them on the portal.

Scanning a Patient Handout

The following steps will help you scan in handouts that you may already have in paper format in your office. As this handout will be referred to in the system for individual patients, be sure to scan in a clear copy.

  1. Open the Documents module with the  button.
  2. Click on the New Document button.
  3. Click the Scanner icon to open up your scanner module.
  4. Place the document in the scanner and scan it through using the scanning module.
  5. Select the image from the Sketch Folder and drag it to the Image Thumbnail section on the right.
  6. Begin to label the document.
  • Patient Name - This should be the name of the handout that you will want to look up.
  • Item type - Select EDUCATIONAL HANDOUT.
  • Item Category - Choose a category to further classify the type of handout you are saving.
  • Reviewed - Place a checkmark in this box.
  • Created by - This will display the logged-in user's initials.
  1. Click the  to save the document.