Adding, Modifying Passwords

Version 14.10
Note:  Only users with System_Admin permissions are able to modify passwords for other users. 
Utilities > Manage Practice > Staff/Provider Directory


In OP, passwords cannot be "reset". The following steps should be followed to create new passwords for users who may have forgotten their password or need a new password. 

Click here to review OP recommendations for creating and maintaining Strong Passwords.  

Assigning User Passwords

  1. Click the Security Access button.


  1. From the list of users located on the left, select the user who needs a password. 
  2. Double-click the username to open the Edit User screen.     
  3. Enter the password in the Password and Verify Password fields.

Passwords are case-sensitive and can be any combination of characters (alpha, numeric, etc.) unless otherwise specified in System Preferences.
  1. Select the Enabled checkbox to grant the user access to your system. 
Warning: Failure to check the Enabled checkbox will result in the specified user not being able to log into OP.
  1. Click the OK button.
You can perform the same procedure to change an existing password. Simply clear or type over the old password and verify.