Adding Other Items to Claims

Version 14.19

As you are manually creating claims or converting electronic superbills, you may find that you need to record other claim information that is not found in the Basic Information tab of the Add/Edit Charges window. This is where you will use the Other Items (1-27) tab. The Other Items (1-27) tab in the Add/Edit Charges window is described below. 

The Other Items (1-27) tab can be used to add or edit the following claim information:

  • Type of Insurance coverage (this is defaulted according to the Insurance carrier for the claim and should not need to be edited)
  • Claim relation to employment, auto, or other accident
  • Dates of illness or injury as they pertain to the claim
  • Referring or Ordering Physician(s) and their NPI numbers
  • Referral or Prior Authorization numbers
  • Any other locally reported items as dictated by your state's insurance companies