Adding Privacy Restrictions

Version 14.10
Path: Smart Toolbar > Register button > Privacy tab


This page will instruct you on how to add privacy restrictions.

Adding Privacy Restrictions

  1. Click on the Privacy tab  and populate the fields as necessary.
  2. Set the visibility level for the entire patient medical record (optional). In the case that there is a critical, sensitive matter (ex: abuse, high-profile) the overall medical record visibility can be set to an option higher than Any Staff Member. Changing this setting from All Staff Members to higher will result in the patient chart toolbar changing from blue to red as an indication that this is a restricted chart. This change will also occur in the bottom patient toolbar while in the patient register.

Privacy tab: Visibility  

  1. Enter the patient’s social security number (optional). It can be stored here for reference if needed, for reporting purposes in the office or for insurance needs.

Privacy tab: Social Security Number 

  1. Select a Privacy Constraint option (optional). Privacy Constraints are for patients that need to have contact with only specific guardians. 

Privacy tab: Privacy Constraints 

  1. Enter a Privacy Note (optional). This indicates why this record is to be kept private (ex: abuse, high-profile).

Privacy tab: Privacy Notes 

  1. Document Consent of Submission to Third Party. Each state has its own requirement for consent documentation.

Privacy tab: Document Consent Form  

  1. Select Immunization Registry Reminder/Recall Preference.

Privacy tab: Immunization Registry