Adjudications that have been Manually Posted to an Account

Version 14.8
Path: Smart Toolbar > Billing button > Adjudications tab


Adjudications will need to be manually posted under special circumstances, ex. if the payer adjudicated a claim at the incorrect contract rate and you have requested that the claim be repriced. In this instance, you will want to manually post the initial payment (without the adjustment) and the repriced payment so that your ERA Payment table will balance for both ERA files that contain the original payment and the repriced payment. Other examples include posting adjudications from secondary payers and those from HRA or HSA accounts.

If you manually posted a pending adjudication that is listed as Matched on the adjudication tab and you do not wish to double post any errors, then the staff will need to discard to remove already posted payments.

  1. Click on the Match Status dropdown and select Discard

Electronic Billing Center

  1. You can now click to approve and post this adjudication.

Electronic Billing Center 

It will be discarded and not applied to the account.