Administer Vaccines

Version 14.10

In this section, you will view the steps needed to administer vaccines that were ordered.

  1. Click on the Checklist button  to open the Patient's Checklist/Task List window.
  2. Expand the department name and double-click the vaccine.
  • In the example below: clicking Imms: HIB-PRP-T, FLU-IIV3 3yrs+ pf, DTaP+ in the task opens up the window where we can choose the vaccines to administer.

Explanation of sections on the "Immunization Order Management" window.
  • Status: Ordered, Not Yet Given: lists the vaccines ordered but not yet given.
  • Status: In Stock: lists vaccines in stock.
  • The bottom half of the window lists the past vaccines administered for this patient.
  1. Double-click on the vaccine you are administering.
  • In the example below, MMR was double-clicked.
  • If there are multiple active lots, once the MMR vaccine is chosen, an additional screen displays asking you to confirm which lot of the MMR vaccine you are using. Click on the appropriate vaccine lot, and select Continue with Highlighted Lot

  • The Enter Vaccine Administration Information window displays.

  1. Confirm the vaccine information: manufacturer, expiration date, and lot number.
  2. Select the Body Site from the dropdown.
  3. Review the selections in the following checkboxes: 
    • No counseling provided: Select this checkbox if counseling was not provided. This will force the assignment of non-counseled vaccine administration charges when the superbill is converted.
    • Add vaccine to superbill: Select this checkbox (defaulted) to add the charge for the vaccine to the superbill.
  4. Click Save when complete.
Note: Filling out the window and clicking Save will:
  1. Record information such as lot #, time vaccinated, vaccinator, and counseling provider into the patient's chart.
  2. Deduct the dose from the vaccine inventory.
  3. Add the vaccine charge to the Superbill when Add vaccine to superbill is selected.
  4. Update the Immunization Registry or create the file to update the Immunization Registry (available with registries that are capable of interfacing with Office Practicum).

Warning: When administering a vaccine, make sure you have:
  1. Check for Allergies and Reactions at the top of the window
  2. Checked the lot # on the vaccine vial against the lot # listed in Office Practicum. If the lot # does not match, then cancel out of this window.