Administer Vaccines Not Ordered

Version 14.10

In this section, you will review the steps needed to document vaccines administered to a patient that were not ordered. 

  1. Click on the Chart button on the toolbar or press F8 on your keyboard to open the patient's chart.
  1. Click on the Immunizations tab. This will open the patient's immunization Forecast Window.

Patient Chart: Immunization Tab

  1. Click on the Enter Immunization button and the Immunization Order Management Window opens. 

Immunization Management Window

Note:  Vaccines are grouped by antigen category. The tabs along the middle list groupings such D-T-P, Polio, HIB, Flu, Infant, Teen/Adult, etc. The top section of the window shows the vaccines. The bottom section shows the vaccine record for this specific patient.
  1. Select the tab by clicking on it. This will show you all the vaccines in that section.
  • In the example above, I want to document that I gave the ActHib (HIB-PRP-T) vaccine. This vaccine is located under the 'HIB' tab.

Note: Antigen is listed in the box and underneath is the brand name.
  1. Click on the box listing the antigen name. Tis will open the 'Vaccine Administration Information" window.
  • When I click on the "HIB-PRP-T" vaccine, the "Enter Vaccine Administration Information" window opens. 

Enter Vaccine Administration Information Window

  1. Confirm the vaccine information: manufacturer, expiration date, and lot number.
  2. Choose Body Site from the dropdown.
  3. Check over the information on the window.
  4. Click Save when complete.