Administering a Double Dose of a Vaccine

Should the occasion arise that an individual needs a double dose of a vaccine, it is OP's best practice to follow these steps to ensure that the integrity of documentation, billing, and Vac-Logic forecasting are maintained.  In this example, we need to administer an adult dose of Hep A, but only have the pediatric dosages available in our office.  An adult dose of the Hep A vaccine would equate to two pediatric doses of the vaccine in our example. 

  1. Navigate to Practice Management > Manage Vaccine Inventory.
  2. Locate and edit the currently active lot of the vaccine. (Hep A 2 Dose in this example)

  1. Deduct 2 doses from the Total Doses In Lot field, being sure to note the Manufacturer, Lot Number and Expiration Date information.

Note: Notate in the Notes field of the vaccine that two doses were deducted to create the one adult dose. This notation serves as a reminder when performing vaccine inventory reconciliations as to why there were two doses removed from the original lot.

  1. Create a new vaccine inventory record.  In our example, we'll create a Hep A Adult inventory item with the inventory name of HEPAA (Adult Hep A vaccine name) and enter the number 1 in the Total doses in lot field. Ensure the lot is active.


  1. Administer the Hep A Adult vaccine from the newly created inventory lot.

This will ensure that there is only one shot administered for documentation and billing purposes, and will maintain accurate Vac-Logic forecasting for any future vaccinations.