Administering a Double Dose of a Vaccine

Sometimes a user may need to enter a double dose of a vaccine. For example, a nurse might want to administer an adult dose (1 ml) of hepatitis A vaccine, but she only has the pediatric dose (0.5 ml) available. An adult dose of the Hep A vaccine would equate to two pediatric doses of the vaccine in our example.

Note: For administering a 2ml dose of Beyfortus for second-season children, follow this workflow instead.

  1. Navigate to Practice Management > Manage Vaccine Inventory.
  2. Locate and edit the currently active lot of the vaccine. (Hep A 2 Dose in this example)

  1. Deduct 2 doses from the Total Doses In Lot field. You’ll need the manufacturer, lot number, and expiration date in the next step.

Note: Notate in the Notes field of the vaccine that two doses were deducted to create the one adult dose. This notation serves as a reminder when performing vaccine inventory reconciliations as to why there were two doses removed from the original lot.

  1. Create a new vaccine inventory record.  In our example, we'll create a Hep A Adult inventory item with the inventory name of HEPAA (Adult Hep A vaccine name) and enter the number 1 in the Total doses in lot field. Ensure the lot is active.


  1. Administer the Hep A Adult vaccine from the newly created inventory lot.

This will ensure that there is only one shot administered for documentation and billing purposes, and will maintain accurate VacLogic+ forecasting for any future vaccinations.