Version 14.8

About Allergy/Reaction

Path: Smart Toolbar > Chart button > Allergies/Rxns tab > + button

A patient's allergies, including adverse reactions to a medication, can be entered in the Allergy/Reaction window. This information will be displayed in the Allergies/Reactions field on the Patient Chart. When prescribing a medication, the Drug/Allergy and Drug/Drug screening will be performed. It is important to select a Medication with a valid NDC code, or an Allergy Group for the screening process to alert when prescribing.

Allergy/Reaction Map





Note tab

The Note tab contains a patient's allergy information. Fields include naming the allergy, the medication causing the reaction, the diagnosis, the severity of the allergy, and the symptoms. The visibility of the patients’ allergy is also set in the Note tab.


Phrase Construction button

The Phrase Construction button accesses the Phrase Construction window to find a phrase for the description.


Create Note Template button

The Create Note Template (star) button prompts a dialog box to appear asking if you would like to memorize the current contents of the Chart Note field as the template for future notes of this subsection type.


Copy From Sibling button

The Copy from Sibling button copies the notes from the patient’s sibling and pastes them into the patient’s allergy notes.


Chart Review tab

The Chart Review tab lists the allergy records for that patient.  You can view the progress notes, diagnosis, date of diagnosis, provider, and more.


Audit Trail tab

Using the Audit Trail tab as an Administrator, you can see what changes were made to the allergy notes, and by whom, from within Office Practicum.