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We are currently updating the OP Help Center content for the release of OP 20. OP 20 (official version 20.0.x) is the certified, 2015 Edition, version of the Office Practicum software. This is displayed in your software (Help tab > About) and in the Help Center tab labeled Version 20.0. We appreciate your patience as we continue to update all of our content.

Antivirus and Network Level Exceptions for OP Cloud

Note: This documentation applies to the OP Cloud environment.

The following Antivirus and Network level exceptions need to be configured for OP Cloud:

  • All Traffic to * should be whitelisted from all SSL and network inspection. 
  • Ports 443 TCP and UDP should be opened.The Parallels client sends traffic to your practice specific URL over port 443 thru TCP and UDP. 

The following program executable exceptions also need to be configured for Parallels Client and Remote Scan.  Set both the program exception and any On Access type exception:

Parallels Client (Located at C:\Program Files\Parallels)

  • APPServerClient.exe
  • TSClient.exe
  • TuxWinClientService.exe

Remote Scan (Located at C:\Program Files (x86)\RemoteScan Server)

  • RemoteScanServer.exe

Also set exceptions for (C:\Windows\twain_32 & C:\Windows\Twain_64):

  • RemoteScanServer.exe