Anytime Pediatrics: Documenting a Visit

Version 20.7


Before starting an Anytime Pediatrics visit, the practice must understand the workflow and setup with Anytime Pediatrics. The workflow below starts with the Clinical Staff beginning the visit and then routing it to the Provider for the Provider to chart the visit. Documentation of the visit should be complete in OP while the telehealth visit occurs using Anytime Pediatrics.

 It is recommended that the practice schedules and documents Anytime Pediatrics visits using the Telehealth templates created by Dr. Kressly. Refer to Before You Begin on how to import these templates.

Clinical Staff

  1. Confirm the parent/patient has started the visit and is in the Anytime Pediatrics Waiting Room by navigating to Clinical tab > Anytime Pediatrics button.
  2. Navigate to the visit: Clinical, Practice Management or Billing tab > Schedule button > Tracking.
  3. Highlight the patient and select a Room and Visit status from the drop-down menus.

NoteThe practice may choose to create a Room and Visit Status specific to a Telehealth visit.  Select Rooms & Resources and/or Patient Tracking Stages for additional information.

  1. Right-click and select Open well visit or Open encounter and apply the template.
  2. Click the Open Anytime Pediatrics button to begin documenting the visit.

Tip: It is recommended that documentation of the visit be complete on the visit note in OP. Consider aligning the visit note and Anytime Pediatrics for ease of input and chat with the parent/patient, as pictured here.

  1. Route the Anytime Pediatrics visit to the provider.
  2. Complete the clinical documentation then exit and save the note in OP.
  3. From the Tracking window, change the Visit Status to alert the provider the parent/patient are ready.


  1. From the Tracking window, highlight the patient, select a Visit Status then click the Patient Chart button.
  2. Click Encounters or Well Visits then click the Open Note button for the note that was started by the Clinical Staff.
  3. Click the Open Anytime Pediatrics button to begin the visit.
  4. Once the visit has ended, complete all documentation in OP, and code and finalize the visit.