Apply a Template to the Note

Version 14.10


The previous section detailed steps to opening a note from the Tracking view. This section deals with:

  • Message/Prompts when opening a note.
  • Parts of an Encounter note.
  • The Visit Info section of the note.
  1. When you first open an encounter note for a patient, Office Practicum may present you with a prompt/message similar to the one below.

Explanation of prompt/message:
  • When the front desk made the appointment, they wrote the reason for this visit (appointment reason) as ‘ear pain’.
  • Office Practicum matched the appointment reason of ‘ear pain’ with a template named ‘ear pain’ in the system.
  • Office Practicum is asking if you would like to apply this template to the note.
  • If you would like to use this template, then select Yes.
  1. Select Yes to apply the template.

The below message prompt shows the sections of the template being applied. You can un-check any section you do not want to apply.

In the below example, the 'Chief Complaint', 'History of Present Illness' and 'Review of Systems' questions will be applied from the template.

  1. Select OK to apply these sections of the template.

Once you have answered the message prompts, the encounter note will open.

Note:  A note in Office Practicum is divided into sections similar to the SOAP (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan) note. The subjective part of the exam includes sections such as Chief Complaint, History of Present Illness, and Review Of System. Each practice determines how much of the subjective portion of the visit a clinical person (Nurse, MA) finishes. The Objective part of the exam includes sections such as vitals and the exam itself

See below for an Overview of the Encounter note and the 'visit info' section.

Encounter note: Visit Info Tab