Confirm Correct Well Visit Template

Version 14.8


In this section you will find the steps for assuring the correct age and gender based template is applied.

  • Once we Select on Open well visit to open the note a confirmation pop will display.

  • Click Yes after you confirm the age and gender of your patient. This will apply the template.

How can we make sure the correct template is applied?

  • Questions in the well visit templates vary depending on the age of the patient. Additionally, starting at age 9, templates are also differentiated by gender (Male or Female).
  • When the Front Desk makes the appointment, they will select the reason for the visit (appointment reason) based on the age of the patient. For patients 9 years old and above, they will also distinguish between Male or Female.
  • In the below example, the appointment reason was selected as "9-10 yrs M (default)"
  • Office Practicum will apply the template based on the appointment reason.
  • In the below example, Office Practicum applied the '9-10 year Male template.'
  • Office Practicum will alert the user if the appointment reason was selected as a 'Male,' but the patient is listed as a "Female" in OP or vice versa.

Overview of the Preventive Exam/Well Visit Note

  1. ´╗┐Title Bar indicates that you are in a Preventive Exam note for Jamie TestB.
  2. Template Used shows which template has been applied.
  3. Patient name, DOB, age, and Insurance information is at the bottom of the Preventive Exam note.
  4. Clicking on the tabs along the left side of the note will enable you to document the various parts of the exam.

NoteA preventive exam/well visit note in Office Practicum is divided into sections which include conducting an interval history, a developmental screening, an exam, anticipatory guidance/counseling, screening tests, etc.

Each Pediatric practice determines which portions of the exam the clinical staff completes.