Applying Patient Credits

Version 14.10

When there are unallocated credits to be applied to a patient charge, the end user should:

  1. Open the Patient Account.
  2. Search for the desired patient in the Patient Search field.
  3. Select the appropriate patient.
  4. Click on the Credits tab to view the outstanding credits on that individual's account.
  5. Click on Payments tab to allocate the unapplied monies to outstanding balances.
  6. Click on the +Payment button.
  7. Ensure you are on the Patient tab of the Add Payments/Adjustments window.
  8. Select the Payment Method to be Patient Credit (PC).
  9. Enter in the credit amount that you wish to apply for now in the Payment column and to which Date of Service that you wish to allocate the credit.

  1. Click the Save + Close button when complete.
  2. Close all active windows.