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Appointment Move Up Option

Version 14.10


The Move Up option found in the Add/Edit appointment window is used to document a schedule change request for a selected appointment.

  1. From the Calendar select an appointment.
  2. Open the Add/Edit Appointment window by double-clicking or selecting the Edit button.
  3. Click into the Move up option field and type the appointment request.

The video below provides an example for adding the appointment request to the Add/Edit Appointment window.

The next video below provides an example for running a report.

Note: The Move up option field is a free-text field that allows you to indicate any preference for the selected appointment. For example, request an end of day appointment. The request is added to the Patient Rescheduling Lists. The report lists all patients with a Move Up option for future appointments, will not list patients with Move Up request for the current day. For information on the Patient Rescheduling List click here.