Appointment Types

Version 14.10

Utilities > Manage Practice > Appointment Preferences


The information on the page will instruct you on how to create Visit Types used to schedule appointments.  

Add Appointment Types

  1. Click the button on the menu toolbar.
  2. Select Manage Practice.
  3. Select Appointment Preferences.
  4. Click the Appointment Types tab.
  5. Click the Insert Record button.
  6. Add appointment types using the table definitions below.  
Visit TypeThe name of the "type" of appointment being made
DescriptionA more detailed description of the "type" of appointment being made
DurationThe length of time for the appointment
Sort #What order the appointment types will appear in on a dropdown list
Appt Line ColorThe color selected will appear on the left hand side of the appointment box
DepartmentWhat department this type of appointment falls under
PurposeFurther categorizes the appointment type (optional)
ArchiveEntries no longer in use can be archived
  1. Click the Post Edit button .
  2. Once all changes are made, click the Exit button .

Edit Appointment Types

  1. Select the Appointment Types tab.
  2. Click to highlight the item to modify.
  3. Click the Edit Record button.
  4. Edit any field (Visit Type, Description, Duration, Sort #, Appt. Line Color, Department, etc).
  5. Click on the Post Edit button.
  6. Once all changes are made, click the Exit button.