Archive VIS Sheets

Version 20.18
Path: Clinical tab > More button (Reference Data) > Immunization Codes


Federal law requires that VIS (Vaccine Information Statement) sheets are provided when vaccines are administered.  OP maintains current VIS sheets and releases them within 6 months of new VIS publication.  VIS Sheets will be populated with barcode information into OP.  The practice may choose to archive the previously created VIS Sheets and populate the Vaccine Products table with the new barcode entries. It is the practice's responsibility to update the VIS sheet within the Vaccine Product table.

Archive a VIS Sheet

  1. Navigate to the path above and click the Vaccine Information Sheets tab
  2. Find the VIS sheet to be archived
  3. Select the checkbox in the Archive column for that VIS Sheet
  4. If you archived a VIS sheet, make sure you go to the relevant Vaccine Product(s) to update the associated VIS sheet.

Update VIS in Vaccine Products

  1. Navigate to Vaccine Products: Within the Practice Management tab, click the More button in the Reference Data group and select and Vaccine Products
  2. Highlight the Vaccine and click the Ellipses button to the left of the Vaccine name
  3. Select the default VIS from the Default VIS drop-down menu

  1. Click the Save button.
The CDC website has all of the most updated VIS sheets available. While on the CDC website you are able to sign up for email alerts so you are notified each time a VIS is updated.