Archiving Medical Records

Version 20.13


Archiving Medical Records is used to help Practices comply with HIPAA regulations by making records unalterable.

WarningArchiving records is irreversible. Encounter and Well Visit Notes that are not finalized will be finalized using this process. Any corrections or additions must be done by creating an Addenda. In addition, any Encounter or Well Visit Note that is marked as incomplete or requires a cosignature will not be finalized when the archive action is performed.

Below, you'll find guidance on working with the two primary tabs in the Archive Medical Records window:

Archive Medical Records: Daily

Path: Admin tab > Archive Records button > Daily tab

From the Daily tab, set the parameters for archiving based on all Providers or a specific Provider and a date. It is recommended that archiving from this tab is completed by Provider.

  1. Navigate to the Daily tab of the Archive Medical Records window by following the path above. By default, the window opens to this tab.
  2. Set the criteria for the records you want to archive.

Step 1. Choose "Archive for All providers' or select a Provider: The default selection for archiving Provider records is All. To select an individual Provider (which is recommended), deselect the All checkbox and select the Provider from the drop-down.

Step 2. For dates on or before: The default is one day prior to the current date. To change the date, click the drop-down arrow and choose from the calendar, or enter a date.

  1. Click the Begin Archive button.

  1. If All was selected for Providers, the below confirmation is displayed. Click Yes to proceed.

  1. Once the archive is complete, click OK in the confirmation window.

Archive Medical Records: Database Cleanup

Path: Admin tab > Archive Records button > Database Cleanup tab

The Database Cleanup tab is broken into sub-tabs which allow a Practice to set the archiving criteria for each type of record that can be archived. Use the links in the table below to access pages specific to the settings in each tab.

Database Cleanup Tabanup TabTab Thumbnail
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Database Cleanup: Messages
Updates Patient and/or Non-Patient Messages from a status of Action Required to Action Complete and from a status of Not Read to Read.
Database Cleanup: Encounter Notes
Updates Encounters or Well Visits from being flagged as incomplete to being archived.
Database Cleanup: Scanned Items
Updates the status of Scanned Items from Not Reviewed to Reviewed.
Database Cleanup: Referral Letters
Updates the status of Referral Letters from Pending to Complete.
Database Cleanup: Diagnostic Tests
Updates the status of Diagnostic Test requisitions from Reviewed to Complete.
Database Cleanup: Register (Patient Status)
Updates patients' status to Inactive.