How do I create an Asthma Action Plan when in a note?

If you routinely do an Asthma Action Alan at your asthma maintenance visits, you can add it as a standing order to your template for the doctor to complete. To add a standing order to your templates, navigate to Clinical tab > Encounter Templates.

  1. Select the template you would like to add the task for the asthma action plan.
  2. Double click on the template or highlight and select Edit.
  3. Click on the Orders/Workflow Tab.
  4. Select the Other Tasks tab, and click "+" to create new Task.
  5. In the Task Description field, enter a description. Example: Update Asthma Action Plan.
  6. In Task Type field, select Asthma Plan from the drop-down.
  7. Click the drop-down in the Department field, and select the department responsible for completing the Asthma Action Plan.
  8. In the Usage field, click the drop-down and select Standing.

When the template is applied to the visit, the task for the Asthma Action Plan will be automatically created. Clicking on the task will open the Asthma Action Plan. This order will show in the Summary of your note, so it will be clear that it was completed during the visit.