Audit Logs

Version 14.8

About Audit Logs

Path: Utilities Menu > System Administration > Security Audit Trail (Keyboard Shortcut keys: [Alt][U][A][A])

Viewing the Audit Logs as an Administrator allows you to see what changes were made (and by whom) from within Office Practicum. Logs cannot be disabled and can be exported as a .csv file.

Audit Log Map





Audit Trail of Changes to Records tab

The Audit Trail of Changes to Records tab displays the changes to the selected patient’s record. It indicates, the date, time, staff ID, staff name, patient, table that changed, the reason, and more.


Log of Access and Review of Records

The Log of Access and Review of Records indicates the staff member who accessed the patient chart and what that staff member viewed.


Disclosure Tracking

The Disclosure Tracking tab indicates the records that were printed or released.

Login StatisticsLogin Statistics tracks Staff login and logout times at computers in the practice.


Audit Log

The Audit Log contains the records for changes of the selected patient. 


Refresh, Print, and Export

The function buttons refresh the log, print the log, and export the log as a .csv.