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Audit Logs Usage

Version 14.19
Path: Admin tab > Audit Trail button


All reports available in the Audit Logs allow you to select an individual patient or see changes for all patients within a certain date range. The reports available are:

  • Audit Trail of Changes to Records: View changes taken to specific records, reason for change and a before and after look at the record.
  • Log of Access and review of records: View actions taken on records.
  • Disclosure Tracking: What information was printed from a patient record and recipient of the information.
  • Login Statistics: View staff login information.

View Changes to Records

  1. Confirm the Audit Trail of Changes to Records tab is displayed.
  2. Search for a Patient using the Patient Search field in the upper left corner of the window.
  3. Enter or Select a date range in the Date(s) fields.
  4. To view a record before and after changes, click the Show/Hide Visible column button (in the corner of the Column Headers next to the Date column) and select the Before Changes and After Changes checkboxes.

Version 14.10
Utilities > System Admin > Security Audit Trail

You can select an individual patient or see all changes from within a certain date range.

Click the tabs to see an audit of individual reports, such as:

  • Any Changes made to a Record.
  • Any Access or Review of a Record.
  • If any Disclosures were sent out.
  • The log-in Statistics of all employees.
  1. Select a Patient.
  2. Enter or Select Date(s)
  3. Select Show/Hide Visible column button.

To see the changes made: 

  1. Select Before Changes checkbox.
  2. Select After Changes checkbox.

Note: When you are in the Audit Trail of Changes Records tab and select to see the Before and After Changes for Visit Status, look at the After Changes column to view what the staff has changed the status to. An explanation of the codes are listed below.  

Visit status numeric value equivalent:

  • waiting room- 13
  • triage- 14 
  • in progress- 15 
  • finished- 201 
  • MD pt waiting- 202 
  • MD in progress- 203 
  • MD finished- 204 
  • Nurse pt waiting- 205 
  • Nurse in progress- 206 
  • Nurse finished- 207 
  • Nurse shots- 208 
  • Nurse labs- 209 
  • checked out- 17 
  • scheduled- 12 
  • note- 18 
  • no show- no show 
  • cancelled- cancelled