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Auditable Events Tracking for Certification

Version 14.19


Regarding the Patient Chart, the Audit Log in OP now captures:

  • The viewing of a patient's Medication List 
  • The viewing of a patient's Allergy List

Note: Edits to these areas of the Chart were previously tracked in the Audit Log, but view access is now tracked as well.

  • The view and edit access to a patient's Risk Assessment

Regarding Administrative tracking, the Audit Log now captures:

  • The granting or revoking of permissions
    • OP now tracks any change made that grants or revokes an individual permission for one user
    • OP now tracks any change made that grants or revokes a permission to a Permission Group

Note: If a Permission Group has any members, OP will also track the patient list associated with the Permission Group at the time the change is made.

Note: When the new audit functionality is released, OP will run a script at upgrade to capture: 

  • A record of each permission group with it's associated permissions
  • A list of users associated with each group
  • A list per user of any individually granted permissions