Automated Billing Task for Credit Card Payment Error

Note: The content of this help article applies only to clients who are contracted for Instamed payments. Clients contracted with other clearinghouses or an Instamed instance without the payments module are not effected.


With the release of OP 19, an automated Billing task is generated for Instamed credit card payments that cannot be posted to a patient's chart due to invalid information. When payment files are processed into OP using the Fetch and Process operation, OP makes an attempt to reconcile Instamed payments. If an invalid patient identification item is detected in a payment, it is not posted to any chart. Rather, a task is created to indicate to the user that research should be done on the Instamed Portal to reconcile the payment.

The task is assigned by default to the Billing department and is displayed in any Task lists where Billing tasks are viewed. 

Reconcile the Payment

  1. Log into your practice's Instamed Portal.
  2. Click the Payment tab.
  3. Click the Payment History tab.

  1. Enter the Transaction Date or a custom date range to locate the payment.
  2. In OP, manually enter the Credit into the patient's chart and apply it to the open balance.