Badge Counts and Alerts
Alert Bar (Main Navigation Panel) Practice Level Global Information The “Alert Bar” pinned to the left side of OP is meant to alert the logged-in user that there is work that should be done. When red , it indicates there is somet...
Main Navigation Panel: Message Badges
This article shows you how to turn on message badges for phone, portal, external, need action, and instant categories in OP.
Main Navigation Panel: Clinical Badges
This article explains how badges in the Main Navigation Panel are calculated for clinical tasks, guiding users with clear permissions to efficiently manage their work.
Main Navigation Panel: Billing Badges
This article explains how badges in the Main Navigation Panel (Alert Bar) are calculated for billing-related tasks, providing information on outstanding claims, superbills, rejections, queue, remits, and unacknowledged claims, helping users efficiently manage billing processes.
Patient Chart Badges
This article explains how badges in the Patient Chart represent outstanding items for individual patients, including encounters, well visits, care plans, vitals/growth, diagnostic tests, referrals, immunizations, surveys, tasks, and charges.
Visit Note Badges
Badges in the Encounter and Well Visit Notes are shown in the note window when opened, updating every two minutes.
Clinical Work Badges
Clinical Group items lead to Clinical Work window, displaying outstanding clinical work with customizable scope options, updated in real-time.
e-Prescribing Center Badges
This article explains how clicking e-Prescribe or Refill Reqs in the Main Navigation Panel takes users to the ePrescribing Center, displaying patient prescriptions with default 7-day periods, filtered counts for the prescriber, and highlighting red counts for failed or long-pending prescriptions.
Message Center Badges
This article explains how to navigate to the Message Center window from the Main Navigation Panel and customize the scope to view outstanding messages in real-time.