Balance all Payments on an ERA, EFT or ACH

Version 14.8
Path: Smart Toolbar > Billing button > ERA Payments tab


Follow the steps below to balance an ERA after posting.

Balancing ERAs

  1. Click on the Billing button on the Smart Toolbar (to open the e-Billing center).
  2. Click on the ERA Payment tab .
  3. Locate the specified Payer, then ERA/EFT/Check #.
  1. Then click on the Ellipses (three dotted box) buttonto open a new window displaying all transactions posted against the corresponding ERA.
Note: The top portion of the window will list the expected amount of the posting (as reported by the payer) and the bottom portion will list the amount your office has posted to-date. Ideally, these two amounts should match. If not, you have remaining adjudications to post against this ERA.

Note: You can manually record that a check is fully posted by typing Balanced in the Note field. This gives you the ability to clearly identify any ERA files that are or are not fully "balanced"/posted.