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Balancing an EOB that has been Posted

Version 14.19
Path: Billing tab > Billing Center button


Once you have completed posting remits, you want to ensure that the amount that was posted into OP balances to the EOB. This balancing is done in the Receipts tab of the Billing Center. The Receipts tab displays all current (non-daysheeted) receipts.

Balancing an EOB

  1. Navigate to the Billing Center using the path above.
  2. Click the Receipts tab. The columns in this grid can be sorted, grouped, and filtered to easily display the needed information. This can also be saved as a preference. In the image below, the grid is grouped by Payment Method and Check # so that we can easily see the check postings displayed. 

Note: If you do not see columns specific to your needs, click the Show/Hide columns buttonto the left of the columns to add more options.

Version 14.10
Path: Smart Toolbar > Billing button


Once a user has completed posting their paper remittance, you will want to ensure that the amount that was posted into Office Practicum balances to what was sent to you on the EOB.

Balancing an EOB

  1. Open the Billing Center on the Smart Toolbar.

2. Click on Current Receipts tab.

3. The columns are sortable and filterable. If a user wishes to sort columns by staff member:

  1. Left click on the Staff Column.
  2. Hold the column with your mouse.
  3. Drag the column to the header to sort by staff members who have entered in payments for the day.

(Optional) If a user would like to filter by more specific information such as the check that was just posted:

  1. Hover over the Check# column until you see a filter icon , click on it.
  2. Office Practicum will allow you to check off the specific information that you wish to filter out.
Note: If you do not see columns specific to your needs click on the 3-dotted ellipsis to the left of the columns to add in more options.

4. A user can now see the check posted under their individual name with all patient detail attached.