Batch Print CMS-1500 Forms

Version 14.10


Any claims that are to be dropped to a CMS-1500 form should have that indicated on the Payer Setup table.

All queued claims assigned to insurance payers setup for CMS-1500 printing will print. Utilities > Manage Practice > Insurance Payers.

Set CMS-1500 Based Payers

  1. Click on payer to highlight.
  2. Click the Edit button .
  3. Click on the Claims Routing tab.
  4. Under Primary Claims Transmission select Standard HCFA.
  5. Click Save to exit. 

Batch Print CMS-1500 Forms

  1. Click on the Billing buttonto open the e-Billing center.
  2. Click on the Transmit Queue tab.
  3. Click on the CMS 1500 button.
  4. Click Yes when prompted "Print paper claims for HCFA-based insurance payers?"
Note: Any claims sitting the Transmit Queue that are set to drop to a CMS-1500 form will be dropped to paper.