Batch Print CMS-1500 Forms

Version 14.8


Any claims that are to be dropped to a CMS-1500 form should have that indicated on the Payer Setup table.

All queued claims assigned to insurance payers setup for CMS-1500 printing will print. Utilities > Manage Practice > Insurance Payers.

Set CMS 1500 Based Payers

  1. Click on payer to highlight.
  2. Click the Edit button .
  3. Click on the Claims Routing tab.
  4. Under Primary Claims Transmission select Standard HCFA.
  5. Click Save to exit. 

Batch Print CMS 1500 Forms

  1. Click on the Billing buttonto open the e-Billing center.
  2. Click on the Transmit Queue tab.
  3. Click on the CMS 1500 button.
  4. Click Yes when prompted "Print paper claims for HCFA-based insurance payers?"
Note:  Any claims sitting the Transmit Queue that are set to drop to a CMS1500 form will be dropped to paper.