Before Updating

Before updating Office Practicum:

  • With an update, OP reports are not overwritten.  However, the Billing Analysis - Transactions for Dates and the Reimbursement Analysis will lose their saved settings for customization of grid column selections.  It is recommended that the client take a snapshot of all of their customizations so that they can be recreated in OP following the update/upgrade.  Please note - these are not Reports that are overwritten but rather the customized settings that are lost with the update.
  • Make sure that all users read and review the latest Office Practicum Release Notes.
  • If you are upgrading to a major release (or any release that includes changes to your database), you will need to make sure everyone is logged out of Office Practicum and all OP services stopped. This update can take up to two hours depending upon the speed of your server and the size of your database.
  • Make sure that there is space on the server hard drive for 4 times the size of the medical.gdb or docimage.gdb being updated.
  • For the quickest results, run OPWebUpdate on the server. For major upgrades requiring database changes, always run the update from the server.
  • Disable the screen saver on your server. This will prevent the server from being locked during the update process.
  • Make sure you can log into each user's workstation as the administrator. You will need to login as administrator to update each user's workstation. If you cannot login as administrator, the user may not be updated and will not be able to run Office Practicum.
  • Your office should have received a link to release documentation outlining the new features and update videos. We recommend you (and your staff) take advantage of these resources before you update so that everyone will be comfortable with the changes. After you have read through the documentation and watched the videos, you can contact Office Practicum if you have questions and we would be more than happy to clarify anything that needs further explanation.