Bill Pay Overview

Version 20.8

Bill Pay Feature

OP is excited to offer Bill Pay functionality for practices that use the InteliChart Patient Portal and Instamed Merchant Services. This enhancement ensures that accurate, updated patient balances from OP are displayed in both the InteliChart Patient Portal as well as the Instamed Payment Portal on a daily basis. 

For practices that currently use both InteliChart Patient Portal and Instamed Merchant Services, Bill Pay allows parents/patients to make payments to their outstanding patient balances directly from within the InteliChart Patient Portal. 

To implement Bill Pay on the InteliChart Patient Portal, the below steps must be complete.

  • OP Implementation and InteliChart must first configure this feature for the practice. 
  • The practice needs to review the below Page Templates. You may make changes to the Page Templates to make them practice specific, click here for instructions. 
    • Navigate to Portal Management > Patient Interface > Page Templates > Notifications > Forms
      • FormNotificationNonPortalUserEmail > System Templates > Portal Non User Form Notification
      • FormNotificationPortalUserEmail > System Templates > Portal User Form Notification
    • Navigate to Portal Management > Patient Interface > Page Templates > Confirmations > Bill Pay
      • BillPay Payment Confirmation > System Templates > BillPay Payment Confirmation
  • Review the Billing Reminder Consent Form available in the Practice Portal.
  • Once OP and InteliChart have configured Bill Pay and the above steps have been complete, a member of the practice must enable the feature on the Practice Portal by following the below steps:
  1. Log in to the Practice Portal.
  2. Navigate to Patient Interface:  Main Navigation Panel > Portal Management > Patient Interface.
  3. In the Portal Features section, confirm the Bill Pay toggle is ON.

Once enabled, parents will be able to see the Pay My Bill tile on their Patient Portal homepage.

ImportantThe Bill Pay feature can only be implemented for the following clients. Bill Pay MAY NOT be implemented if your practice only uses the InteliChart Patient Portal.

  • Instamed Merchant Services: The Bill Pay feature will be available if your practice uses Instamed Merchant Services. It is not required to have the InteliChart Patient Portal.
  • Instamed Merchant Services and the InteliChart Patient Portal: If your practice uses both Instamed Merchant Services and InteliChart Patient Portal, patient balances may be sent to both. This will allow your parents the flexibility of where they will make a payment.