Billing Groups

Version 20.5

About Billing Groups

Path: Billing tab > More button (Customize group) > Billing Groups

Billing Groups are created to group together sets of CPT or Diagnosis Codes, by range or list, to support the OP AWARE functionality. The grouping of codes reduces the amount of rules that need to be created to align with specific billing circumstances.




Billing Group List

The Billing Group List displays all of the Billing Groups that have been created. 


Billing Group Details

The Billing Group Details section of the window contains the fields used to create the Billing Group. 

  • Group Name: The Group Name field is required and is used to identify the group when creating an OP AWARE rule.
  • Group Type: The Group Type radio button is used to select if a CPT Code Group or a Diagnosis Code Group is being created.
  • Codes: The Codes radio buttons and fields are used identify the codes that are to be included in the Billing Group.
  • Status: The Status radio buttons are used to identify if the Billing Group is Active or Inactive.
3Function Buttons
  • Add: The Add button is used to display a blank line for a new group to be created.
  • Edit: The Edit button is used to edit the fields in the group selected in the Billing Group List.
  • Save: The Save button saves the new or edited group.
  • Cancel: The Cancel button cancels the creation of a new group or the edits for an existing group.
4Show InactiveThe Show Inactive checkbox is used to display Billing Groups that have been marked Inactive.